Tuesday 2 June 2015

Being an Entrepreneur

Becoming an entrepreneur is not a easy task ,as it seems to be. There are many companies and entrepreneurs we see in our daily life but out of them
only few are successful.Getting the good degree from IIT and IIM does not make you great entrepreneur.

The enterpreneur should have few qualities which I am listing down :

1. Patience.

No matter what the market conditions are , your behavior with investors and your employees should not change.

2. Anger

No matter from which situation you are coming or going , your language(behavior) to speak with the employees should not change.

3. Keeping secrets

This is the most dangerous flaw in the current entrepreneurial flow , understand your employee is also a knowledge gaining person , you should
give him/her some knowledge seeking opportunities in your own organization.If you are trying to make your sit tight(keeping the knowledge with yourself) ,
that means you are not progressing towards successful journey of your own organization.

4. Monotonous Work

Work should not be monotonous , it makes your employees feel low always and they will leave the job soon.

5. Giving work at 5'o Clock :)

Just to show you are working hard , don't keep the work unallocated and allot it at evening.

6. Be open , less politics

If you can't provide good opportunities for your employees be it anything you can speak to them directly giving realistic reasons , hiding the things make it worst.
Politics is not the game which needs to be played in the startups , atleast avoid it.

In short don't try to earn the respect it comes naturally ...

Image source : unsplash.com

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