Saturday, 11 May 2019

An Interview with Fashion Writer - Janvi Manchanda

Hello All , I am creating this post after a long time . Apologies :) .
 So this time I am taking an interview of Fashion Writer Janvi , Here it goes .

Hello Janvi , could you brief about your journey towards Fashion writing from student to this stage ?

Ans: Somehow dressing up came to me naturally and that just wasn't enough for me. I went from stealing my dad's xl tees to picking up the perfect outfit for my body type and occasion. And I just knew I wanted to do much more. Towards the end of my second year in degree college, I applied to this magazine - Youth Incorporated for an internship and when I was called for the interview they asked me what I wanted to do marketing or editorial and something inside of me begged me to pick editorial and that was it! That was how I started writing. The editor, Ayush Aliawadi, mentored me. He pushed me to do better and he inspired me. At the age of 24/25 he was a lawyer, Radio Jockey with All India Radio and he was also the editor of the magazine. I wanted to do a lot more just like him! And eventually I was writing my own fashion column in a magazine, The Teenager Today, for a year by the time I graduated. And then came the journey to becoming an influencer and a stylist. My boyfriend was very supportive and he saw that I had a good number of followers on Instagram and he pushed me to do better. He worked on my profile and pushed me to do the same and create better content.