Sunday 15 November 2015

Katyar Kaljat Ghusli Movie Review

Though it is in Marathi Language it is really a great movie to watch when you are a music lover.
It was a drama based plot , it has been converted into movie. But it still preserves the quality , and keeps you on your seat till the end.

Musician Shankar Mahadevan for the first time tried his acting skills in the Marathi Movie. It suits him alot.

Songs in the drama were sung by Vasantrao Deshpande. Salute to him !!!

After long time , I have seen a great movie.

If you want more details for the film : Click here.

Have a look at the video .

Here is the complete cast :

Shankar Mahadevan as Pandit Bhanu Shankar Shastri
Sachin Pilgaonkar as Khansaheb Aftab Hussain Bareliwale
Subodh Bhave as Sadashiv, Panditji's student
Amruta Khanvilkar as Zareena, Khansaheb's daughter
Mrunmayee Deshpande as Uma, Panditji's daughter
Pushkar Shrotri as Banke Bihari, the royal poet
Sakshi Tanwar as Nabila, Khasaheb's wife

I missed the "Ya bhavanatil geet purane" , song from the original drama.

Image Courtesy : Wikipedia

Wednesday 12 August 2015

Moment of being proud or Business opportunity

We (Indians) were never dumb , I am proud of the moment where 3 of the MNC have placed Indian people as there CEO's. But what has caused to place them as a CEO now only. Knowledge and consciousness does not have time duration 10 years ago as well there were many Indian techies working in these companies , expanding them. The factor which differs now is ,kind of business opportunities which they are looking into the APAC region and more widely in India. I am proud but not so , Instead we should have our own MNC where people from other countries will be CEO(they should work) and fetchback the money into our own country. I will cheer at that time only.

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Wednesday 29 July 2015

For sale peace demanding sessions

Peace demanding sessions needed.

I have started observing the social changes nowadays , I am mentioning few notable points out of which some of them I have personally experienced.
Many people oppose me when I talk about the disadvantages of it ,  or when I say it hurts.

Is there any product which can do the home delivery of the peace demanding sessions , please help. :)
Please reply with the specification of the product. :)

When do you need some peace demanding sessions :

1. When you look many a times at your phone for some notification from any IM messenger.

2. You are with friends in a garden and everyone is looking at there phone doing some social activities with virtual world.

3. You meet your old friend in a restaurant at he talks with you in between spending most of the time checking phone notifications and replying.

4. When you can talk with your dear one's on IM messenger but you can't talk upfront freely.

5. When you start explaining everything of your life for example : Eating here , sleeping now , going there , feeling better and then it becomes habit.

Tuesday 23 June 2015

Des kahe aa ja re

The song which touches to heart and turns your heartbeats faster is none other than Sonu Nigam's Soona soona from the album Classically Mild .
This song is ultimate song from Sonu Nigam , I have ever heard and most difficult to sing.

Access the lyrics of this song here.

Tuesday 2 June 2015

Being an Entrepreneur

Becoming an entrepreneur is not a easy task ,as it seems to be. There are many companies and entrepreneurs we see in our daily life but out of them
only few are successful.Getting the good degree from IIT and IIM does not make you great entrepreneur.

The enterpreneur should have few qualities which I am listing down :

1. Patience.

No matter what the market conditions are , your behavior with investors and your employees should not change.

2. Anger

No matter from which situation you are coming or going , your language(behavior) to speak with the employees should not change.

3. Keeping secrets

This is the most dangerous flaw in the current entrepreneurial flow , understand your employee is also a knowledge gaining person , you should
give him/her some knowledge seeking opportunities in your own organization.If you are trying to make your sit tight(keeping the knowledge with yourself) ,
that means you are not progressing towards successful journey of your own organization.

Thursday 14 May 2015

I am Born Again…By Sunaina

The splendor of the fortress lures me not
For I hear the cries nobody has heard
Of faces nobody has seen
Of souls that were not let in this world
It was good they were not born here
Yes, this is not the place to be
The walls are high and impregnable
They know not love, they know not sympathy
They are heartless, relentless
They care not for me, or for you
They stink of ideologies that are dated
They emit foul stench of a gory past
They are stifling, suffocating

Wednesday 6 May 2015

Food processing and cold-warehousing to grow hand in hand

What is food processing : Food processing is the transformation of raw ingredients, by physical or chemical means into food, or of food into other forms. Food processing combines raw food ingredients to produce marketable food products that can be easily prepared and served by the consumer.(Source: WikiPedia).

I have been noticing this industry growing like anything , there are few facts to consider why Food processing will be going to be the major industry in India.100% FDI is permissible in food processing through automatic route except for few items)(click here)

1. India has the second largest arable land in the world.(Arable land is the  land capable of being ploughed and used to grow crops.)
2. India has the largest livestock population of the animals.
3. Strategic location for the exports.(Good connectivity to Europe, Middle East , Japan , Singapore , Thailand etc)
4. Supportive policies from Govt.(link)

Tuesday 28 April 2015

Interview with Nitin Sahu

You all know at ideasforideas , we have started a talkathon , interview sessions with the experts from different domain. Today I have chosen the domain of "IT products/services". I have taken the interview of Nitin Sahu , Who is the founding member @ I have liked his journey from student to entrepreneurship, and how he is shaping up the helicaltech at this time.

Me : Can you brief about the journey towards Enterpreneurship domain from student to this stage?
Nitin : I completed my Engineering from KKWIEER, nasik from that time itself I dreamt of working for myself. Then I did my MBA (IT) from SICSR (Symbiosis) to take it to next level. I planned my career when I was doing my MBA, first joined a small company and challenged my skill set for first few years. And then start my own. I was fortunate enough that the opportunity came to me at the right time. I started Helical Nov, 2012 and since then I never looked back. We as a team did everrything right to get our first customer and then to keep on surpassing their expectations every single time. Today, we have surved companies like CA technologies, Sage Human Capital, Pathways (an NGO) to name a few. They not just liked our work they simply loved it. 

Me : Do you believe in spirituality ?
Nitin : I believe in Humanity. I feel for humans, animals and all the creatures.

Me : How do you find this domain/work as a different than others , which things keeps you inspiring ?
Nitin : Work is fun for me. I never feel like working, it feels like I am just doing some regular work here at Helical. My team is awesome, my clients are awesome, and that keeps me going on and on. 

Me : Which are the current products you are serving , what those products do ?
Nitin : We at helical are highly focused company. We work with open source Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence tools. We provided services on Pentaho, Jaspersoft and Talend. These are the market leader in open source DW and BI space. These tools helps you to migrate data from one source to another source, helps create your own data warehouse from your transactional systems, helps visualize your data in different format, helps to create reports, dashboard, cubes and ahoc/self service reports. Apart from providing services on the above mentioned tools we have developed our own BI tool called Helical Dashboard Insights (HDI). HDI is a BI platform which helps you to customize your BI tool according to your BI needs. It is also a very developer friendly BI tool which is capable of developing reports, dashboards, cubes and ad-hoc reports.  

Sunday 26 April 2015

India's Home Shopping is Hopping

We have seen the growth story of Indian Organized retail in my previous article. Today we will have a look around the TV home shopping business.
Yes , you have heard it right , many indian's are now spending more time watching TV as they are getting larger phone screens , easy availability of the Hi speed internet , where they can watch many videos as they want. So this starts the shopping habit as the watching the videos of the products online check the specification on the website and order them.

Majority consumer base for the home shopping are increasing due to :
1. Easily availability of the larger screen phones with high speed internet.
2. Increase in the disposable income.
3. Womens order kitchen/household items after watching working of the product live somewhere. There are other products as well like jewellery etc.

This is where the home shopping through comes into picture.We have also seen e-commerce space is always in the headlines but this industry is also seeing tremendous growth , as we see many companies including snapdeal , homeshop18 , naaptol are also entering into tv shopping domain.
They are eyeing the growth in this as well.

We can see the following graph how home tv shopping market size of China has grown over the years.

How it has seen the growth from year 2004 to year 2011, I feel these were the years when chinese economy emerged from bottom to top.

One of the advantage of the home shopping channels for people will be they can see the demonstration instead of just watching the specifications on the websites or the mobile applications , few items like household items , kitchen items , interiors need demonstration and you will definitely order if you see it is demonstrated by your favorite actor or actress. :)

As per the data from financial experss there are also new entrants in this arena Best Deal TV, Bag It Today , Naaptol.

The question here arises who will survive in this home shopping business. Amongst these STAR CJ(NOW SHOP CJ) have around 20 years of operational experience of this type business strategies as Providence equities one of the joint venture partner is looking for IPO in few years.(click here)

Growth for this kind of business in India is tremendous as growth in other countries come somewhere around only 8-9% annually.(click here)

Image Courtesy : Financial Express

Image Courtesy : , , financial express

Tuesday 21 April 2015

Interview with Monica Murthy

Monica Murthy

From today I am beginning the new era in ideasforideas by taking textual interviews of the people who are the influential in the particular industry , that can be any industry.

This time I have selected the sector "Media" , Yes , I would like to introduce Monica Murthy.  Actress/Anchor/Singer/Blogger who has given her time for ideasforideas.

Me : Can you brief about the journey towards Anchoring/Actress/Modelling domain from student to this stage?
Monica : I am an MBA graduate in Media and Communication from Whistling Woods International (Mumbai). I grew up in Nasik. After schooling, my education had a complex fusion of Science, Commerce and Arts.

In spite of scoring well, I quit engineering to pursue my creative interests in Media and Anchoring. I am a trained singer with 5 years of degree in Hindustani Classical music. My overall interest has been in the lesser know career fields like anchoring, hosting, modelling and acting.

I always anchored events in my small town for shows like media seminars, corporate launches, Government events etc. I was placed in Doordarshan TV as a marketing Executive through campus placement. I was managing the hosting events in parallel with my MBA degree as well as my day job. My bol-bachan career gave me immense confidence.

This is when I voluntarily started exploring opportunities in DD News Channel (it’s always good to begin with one’s comfort zone). I was selected after a screen test. After getting registered as an anchor with Doordarshan, many of my shows have been telecast.

Thereby i started anchoring for following brands:





CINEMA 100 WHistling Woods

Channel V


Then acted in PKDH for 5 months, Acted as one of the leads of the three stories in my upcoming film 'Bollywood Diaries' and as a Pakistani Journalist in "WELCOME TO KARACHI" to be released on MAY 21.

Monica Murthy

Me : Do you believe in spirituality ?
Monica : If yes then how does it help in real day to day life ?
Yes i do believe in God and Spirituality. I am a follower of Hinduism at the same time i believe in all religion. It helps me to calm down when i am disturbed and helps me gather hope in times of worries

Me : How do you find this domain as a different than others , which things keeps you inspiring ?
Monica : This domain is art and the word art itself proves its unique and has its own representation. It keeps me inspiring because i love to keep exploring different facets of art and media. It shows a new face n land of opportunities to me everyday

Me : What are the current assignments you are dealing with ?
Monica : I would be flying to Dubai for my next Event and it being my first international event i am excited. Besides this i am excited for the release of my tow upcoming films 'WELCOME TO KARACHI' & ''BOLLYWOOD DIARIES'

Me : How do you find the time for yourself from busy schedule ? Do you meet your old friends ?
Monica : YES !!! I do find time for myself i also sing so i spend days when i am free doing my music Riyaaz and taking care of my fitness. I love to catch up with old friends its refreshing and i love socializing with near and dear ones

Me : Did you come across a struggling time while in this journey ? What are the symptoms of those ;) ? and How to overcome those.
Monica : Yes offcourse Struggling is an essential part of your journey in media. There was a time when i was still working with Doordarshan and i gave auditions for serials as and when i got time and when i got PKDH it was rewarding. It does take time to get worthy work here but one shouldn't be choosy initially. Whenever i got upset in those times i ventured into my other strengths and again started Anchoring and doing VOICE OVER WORK.

Me : How do you describe your challenging role in "Pyar ka dard hai meetha meetha" ?
Monica : It was my best experience till date, Rajshri made me feel so comfortable and it was a great learning over all. I pretty much connected well with the character 'Rukhsar' as she was bubbly and a urdu speaking girl. 

Me : Can you give a small idea for readers about opportunities in this domain ? 
Monica : I would like you all to know that the key to success in any field is 'to believe in yourself and the hard work you put in'. Do not be very choosy in picking opportunities initially at the start of your career as i had mentioned earlier but be cautious at the same time. Plan well and execute well. Always keep your feet well grounded whichever heights you reach. Cheers !!!

Thanks Monica for your valuable inputs.

Team ideasforideas.

Monday 13 April 2015

Is india Startup ready ?

I have recently seen the news on the media that SEBI may consider easing the listing norms for the startups in the country. That's a great news. You can read the entire news here.

Apart from that we should be also aware of the risks in which startup companies we should be investing , that is what an idea , the idea to invest in which company. It is your decision which should not fail. I have also read that there is a lock in period for retail investors as well. As the success is concerned for the startups , I feel the startup which deals with the raw materials or with lesser virtual existence sustains and has a longer life as compared to the startups which only has the virtual existence on the internet. Successful startups may not give you the gain in 3-4 years , you should keep the patience and believe in the idea(So only I have named this blog as ideas for ideas).

One should learn the art of ideas for generating the successful ideas.I am looking for statistical data about startups culture , in India this might be new but in US there are many startups , one should look for how many startups are there started in a year and how many of them are actually successful , the geography of US and India is very different , the kind of startups in US which are successful , same should not be the case with Indian Startups.

Before easing the norms for listing the startup companies , I think we should have incubation center which will help India to create good , qualified entrepreneur's the quality I am looking for the leaders can't be taught in coaching classes nor it is possible to give the training in the schools for creating the great leaders.This incubation center should teach them about patience , keeping your mind free from anxiety , healthy employee relationships etc.

Other angle to this would be taking care of your health as well, Oh I am taking you to complete different direction. :). This culture is very much attentive and requires lot of efforts to success , it may start getting deep into your personal life , the choice is yours about how to balance it well.

I will update this post once I get the statistics about US startups and there success ratio in the past.

Saturday 4 April 2015

Sundar me honar-Great marathi drama

Note : This post is in marathi , Apologies guys, but this drama is really a wonderful drama.

बरीच दिवस झाली उत्तम नाटक शोधत होतो , उत्तम लेखन आणि अप्रतिम शब्द संग्रह ह्याचा मिलाप म्हणजे फक्त पु ल .

सुन्दर मी होणार , सुन्दर व अप्रतिम लेखन पु ल देशपांडे. अप्रतिम अभिनय श्रीराम लागू , वंदना गुप्ते आणि डॉक्टर गिरीश ओंक  ,आदी .

सत्य उमगता प्रत्येक व्यक्ती सुंदर होण्यासाठी धडपड करते , आपली परिसीमा कशी तोडावी आणि जीवन कसे जगावे ह्याचे उत्तम लेखन आणि चित्रीकरण म्हणजेच सुंदर मी होणार . गुलाम गिरी चे बंध जे आपण जीवनाच्या सुरवाती पासून आपल्या जवळ बाळगतो , ते बंध खरेच खोटे अथवा खरे , जे आपण केले ते योग्य कि अयोग्य , सत्य ची समाज आल्यावर कोणती कृती करावी ह्याची साक्ष देणारी कलाकृती म्हणजेच सुंदर मी होणार . डॉक्टर श्रीराम लागू ह्यांचा स्वताचे नसले तरी त्यांनी मायेने वाढवलेली मुले , त्या साठी केलेला त्याग म्हणजेच सुंदर होणे . वंदना ताई गुप्ते ह्यांचा उत्तम अभिनय ह्या कलाकृतीला जिवंत ठेवतो , मिळेल का हो आज पुन्हा असाच सुंदर पणा .

मला उमगलेले सुंदर पण म्हणजेच त्याग आणि  संयम .

तुम्ही सुद्धा पहा  , " सुंदर मी  होणार . "

सुंदर मी होणार 

Order the CD from
Image source :
Video Source :

Wednesday 25 March 2015

Aankon ne aanko se kya kah diya

जी हाँ आँखों ने आँखों से क्या कह दिया - बस दिया , दिया और दिया । 
इस बार मैं कुछ अलग ही पोस्ट करने की सोचा रहा था । एक गीत जो हमेशा मेरे मन को भाता है , सोनू दा , और श्रेया जी के सुरेल आवाज मैं , " रब रक्खा " यह गीत है फिल्म लव ब्रेअकुप्स और ज़िन्दगी इस फिल्म से , ब्रेअकुप्स तोह किसी के जिंदगी मैं ना आये ।

इस गीत मैं दिया जी की हंसी मन को लुभाती है । और ऐसा लगता है के फिर से हम अपने हम नवा के साथ जुड़ जाये । प्यार से लेकर शादी तक का माहोल इस गीत मैं बहुत अच्छी तरह से मन को लुभाता है । 

रब रक्खा 
हर किसी को मिले अपना रांझना । आपका भी जिया धड़के बस देख के उसे । भारतीय संस्कृति मैं जिस तरीके से शादिया की जाती है वह पुरे विश्व मैं अपने आप मैं अलग विशेषता रखती  है । हमारे देश की शादिया सबसे ज्यादा समय टिकने वाली शादिया होती है । कही हम अपने आप को सिर्फ जिंदगी की रफ़्तार बढ़ा के इस सभ्यता को मिटा न दे । 

चलिए तो फिर मिलते है अगले पोस्ट तक , आप देखिये शेयर किया हुआ गीत , और मुज़े बताइये आपके विचार । 

छबि सौजन्य : विकिपीडिया 
वीडियो सौजन्य : youtube 

Wednesday 18 March 2015

Manufacturing , next big deal for India

Source : Reuters

Soon India will also be called as a manufacturing country , it won't be only limited to services.
Networking solutions giant Cisco is planning to set up a manufacturing facility in India and evaluating various sops offered by the government to promote the Electronic System Design & Manufacturing sector, Parliament was informed today.

International manufacturing giant Panasonic and Cisco are very keen on starting the manufacturing facilities in India , they have roared . Now , it's our time to listen that long sound , and make ourselves available to change as the industry is changing.

Panasonic, according to industry sources, already exports air conditioners, washing machines and kitchen appliances to countries in South Asia, Africa and the Middle East. This list, however, can become bigger if the environment is conducive, persons in the know say.

Panasonic already exports the materials to Asian and other markets , those are AC's , washing machines etc. Cisco is the world leader in manufacturing networking components. The R&D industry in India will also flourish as these giants come in India for manufacturing.

I am attaching few links here of which you can take reference :

References :

Sunday 8 March 2015

India's Retail in Detail - India Opportunities

This article mostly talks about the Organized retail opportunities in India.
So what is Organized retail :
Organized retail or modern retail is usually chain stores, all owned or franchised by a central entity, or a single store that is larger than some cut-off point. A single large department store is also modern retail. (ICRIER)
The Indian retail industry is expected to grow around in great CAGR percentage in next 7-10 years.There is lot of space for Organized retail industry in India. 95% of the current Indian Retail is traditional retail market , remaining  5% is the only organized retail.

 There are few Indian players in the market
1. Trent is in agreement with British Player Tesco Plc
2.Pantaloon retails
3. Shoppers Stop
there are other players as well .

Table attached below shows the share of Indian Organized retail as compared to total retail sales.

Source : ICRIER

There are reasons for the growth :

  1. Changing family structures in India , demanding childrens .
  2. Changing family level organization/role definitions and exposure.
  3. More nuclear families.
  4. Increase in the number of working women.
  5. Kids being more informed and demanding.
  6. Increasing exposure to and influence of cosmopolitan media; consequent adoption of Western habits.
Source : Trent

References taken from :

1. FICCI reports
2. Annual reports of Trent
3. Reurbanist

Image Source : WikiPedia

Thursday 5 March 2015

Lena hoga janam

फूलों के रंग से दिल की कलम से तुज़को लिखी रोज़ पाती , न जाने कहा हो तुम , तुम्हारी याद , और यह तन्हाई न जाने कब इस रूह की साथ छोड़ेगी। दिल की बातों को जुबा पे लाना होता है बहुत कठिन।

प्यार करना तो आसान पर निभाना है कठिन।  मिलते नहीं है लोग दिल लगाने वाले।  मिलते है लोग सौदा करने वाले।  किशोरी जी के दर्द भरे इस गाने को जब भी मैं सुनता हूँ दिल भर आता है जुबा नम हो जाती है।  बदलते हुए प्यार की परिभाषाये देखकर दिल मैं आंधी उठती है।  बदलना ज़माने का उसूल है प्यार का नहीं।
इसलिए छोटा सफर हो लम्बा सफर हो सूनी डगर हो या मेला , याद तू आये मन हो जाये भीड़ के बीच अकेला।

देव साब आप की याद बहुत आती है।  दोस्तों यह गीत एक जिंदादिल प्यार करने वालो के लिए एक तोहफा है।
जरूर सुनियेगा किशोरी जी के आवाज मैं , फूलों के रंग से,,,,,,,,

Image Source : WikiPedia

Monday 2 March 2015

Make In India will Freak in India

Yeah , We don't have skilled resources for Make In India , The first task to be fulfilled is finding out or training the people for handling various machines. Lava Mobiles is planning to shift their Manufacturing Units from China to India , Source.

On the other side , FoxConn one of the major Mobile phone maker has turned off their manufacturing Unit.Source
Demand for the home appliances sectors can be seen as major growth factors for economy as it happened with Japan and China , now they are into some stagnant phase from where it will take sometime to revive the economy. So the time is very suitable for India to start skillful programmes for workers to understand the machines to make IC's and motherboards which are required by phones.

Sectors which needs complete manufacturing from Research are as follows :

1.Vehicle Engines.(Petrol, Diesel Engines)
2.Motherboards, chips etc(For phones , laptops, desktops etc.)
3.Firmware development for above manufactured chips.
3.Software Products.(Not services)

Skillset design has to be the agenda of the new curriculum for Make in India to be the successful for India , one should change the entire eco-system of providing services to designing the product.Youth should be looking for Architectural design strategies for various domains.Domain will be different but design and architecture is an art.The strategy should be slowly shifting you focus from services to design and products, it also helps to create intellectual society.

Ideally , it should start from the curriculum , the moment person gets passed out there are not enough jobs for these skills i.e.Electronics Manufacturing , Engine Designs.(they are there but very less). Serious part of the story is more strange the talent gets stuffed down before it gets shaped , they are going in wrong direction. Some may find other areas very interesting , but for few who are unique will be frustrated and will be thrown out of the system , because we have only one scale to measure the people.

Okay , lets get down to our subject , they are couple of manufacturing Units for home appliances in Chandigadh , Noida. They should be equally distributed across the regions of the country , to create equal job opportunity.

We are successful in making Optical fibre cables , broadband cables , we can manufacture them. But once we are done with installation of such cables , we will not look back again for the installation nor for the maintenance(At least for 3-4 years). This is not the case with the Home appliances sector , If we take TV , mobile into consideration we change it quit often .You will always find the areas of any mall always busy with these kind of devices buying.

Please let me know your thoughts on this in comments section.

Tuesday 24 February 2015

Skip the caffeine/Tea/Coffee

Yeah ,  I am not an advisor when it comes to healthcare domain , But If you want to reduce/remove Tea/Coffee consumption in your daily routine then this article is definitely for you.

Tea/Coffee/Cafeine creates the problem of dependency , that means you can't feel fresh until and unless you drink tea , some people can't perform natural stomach emptying process at the morning:)) without drinking tea , they need some extra force so that they can resume their natural process.

You should stop drinking it , reduce it gradually and then come back to zero. Drinking sometimes on some occasional event is not an issue.There is also no use of drinking Green Tea as an alternative for the regular tea , the simple equation is If it creates the dependency it is wrong , Green Tea also starts creating the dependency.

Initially you will feel depressed or some mood swing may also happen but they will last for not more than 2 weeks.As your body is getting out of bad habit , it will react to it.

Think again , If you can't do your work without drinking tea ,  then it is addiction. You should be able to perform well in your daily regular tasks without taking such addictive drinks.

There is also a history behind Tea , Tea was introduced in India by British(I am not against whatever British has done is wrong nor this is patriotic article) , we never used to welcome people by giving them Tea/Coffee , If possible read the history of tea on wikipedia.

Go through this link as well : WikiHow , there are steps provided to leave the habit of drinking tea.

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Saturday 14 February 2015

Ud jayega... great saying

Ud jayega hans akela , jag darshan ka sung by Pt. Kumar gandharva in his divine voice , I have not heard the voice like him since many years , and the voice is truly unique this song is written by Saint Kabir , what a song and the meaning.

To start a good day, one should listen this song early morning around 6'o clock.

Here is the complete lyrics of the song :

Ud Jayega Huns Akela,
Jug Darshan Ka Mela
Jaise Paat Gire Taruvar Se,
Milna Bahut Duhela
Naa Jane Kidhar Girega,
Lageya Pawan Ka Rela
Jub Howe Umur Puri,
Jab Chute Ga Hukum Huzuri
Jum Ke Doot Bade Mazboot,
Jum Se Pada Jhamela
Das Kabir Har Ke Gun Gawe,
Wah Har Ko Paran Pawe
Guru Ki Karni Guru Jayega,
Chele Ki Karni Chela

Follow the courtesy link to understand the meaning.

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Tuesday 10 February 2015

Great Victory well done Delhites

The first time in indian histoy , I can see just 2-3 year old party defeated all the national parties with clear majority with no opposition. Yes , you are right , I am talking about Aam aadmi party. Kejriwal led Aam aadmi party has done very well in Delhi , the motto of this party seems to be very nice, Swaraj , clean and transparent funding which is in public domain. Even I do feel the same for system , private companies can hide their funding details because they are companies they are created to make the profits. Political parties should not function as the private companies , they should disclose their donations as and when they take , make it available to the public , they should come under RTI as well. The other one is swaraj and mohalla sabha , from childhood I has a question in my mind , I usually used to ask this to senior people around me , that is why these people don't take my opinion after voting , no one had the answer at that time. Me , I no no everyone should be involved in the decision making process of my area . Yes now your question is , "I don't have time for that" , dude , You can tell your decision to your family members , grandma , mom , dad they will convey the decision of your family in the mohall sabhas. So next question is which kind of decision can be taken in mohalla sabhas , I feel basic need is roads , infrastructure , to whom we should give the contracts of the road or any infrastructual facility that needs to built in your area . Yes , you know which company is good and better in providing quality service and within time. They why I should not vote for it. Okay , okay okies ,,,,getting back to the subject , I would like to congratulate the entire Team AAP and Delhites for the decisions they have taken , and the great Victory of the AAP. I feel going forward so much pressure would be there on AAP side as well(Now they are in the testing phase.... :)

Monday 9 February 2015

Textile industry next big BOOM in indian markets

The eco system of indian economy has started taking shape from last 6 to 7 months. I feel there is lot of eco structural materials available in the indian textile industry for e.g. there are enough trained workers (they can understand the how to operate the machines in the mills). There are many trained womens they sew the labels , woven labels which are actually required by many national and international brands for e.g NIKE , Levi's , day by day indian fashion industry is acquiring the large market, due to cheap labor available in the indian market. There is a scope to for this industry to take the big shape as compared to current size, If Make in india concept works in india , the machinery required by this industry can be created locally at very cheap cost. India can become the great exports hub for textiles (handmade , woven or machine made). Usually we require the R&D part of the machine making which needs to be done locally in india. If you have any other thoughts on this please keep me some comment. Image courtesy : Wikipedia