Wednesday 29 July 2015

For sale peace demanding sessions

Peace demanding sessions needed.

I have started observing the social changes nowadays , I am mentioning few notable points out of which some of them I have personally experienced.
Many people oppose me when I talk about the disadvantages of it ,  or when I say it hurts.

Is there any product which can do the home delivery of the peace demanding sessions , please help. :)
Please reply with the specification of the product. :)

When do you need some peace demanding sessions :

1. When you look many a times at your phone for some notification from any IM messenger.

2. You are with friends in a garden and everyone is looking at there phone doing some social activities with virtual world.

3. You meet your old friend in a restaurant at he talks with you in between spending most of the time checking phone notifications and replying.

4. When you can talk with your dear one's on IM messenger but you can't talk upfront freely.

5. When you start explaining everything of your life for example : Eating here , sleeping now , going there , feeling better and then it becomes habit.

6. You decide the time of your sleep at night but when you see some notification on the phone , and then you spend next 30-45 minutes on it, degrading your sleep.

7. And most dangerous is you are having a dinner or lunch and you keep on doing both activities simultaneously.

8. When you keep on forwarding the same message to the same group .And after that you cry for an apology.

Have a look at the video shared here : 

If you know some peace demanding sessions then please let us know , so that we can include it in our list . :)

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  1. I believe the list of these questions will just increase in the coming years with the upcoming generation becoming more tech savoy. One would have to take a conscious decision to not be involved in the virtual world or at least draw a line.........

    this was a good read..... \,,/

    1. Thanks hitesh. I feel this behavior just increases our anxiety and nothing more than that. :)