Saturday 11 May 2019

An Interview with Fashion Writer - Janvi Manchanda

Hello All , I am creating this post after a long time . Apologies :) .
 So this time I am taking an interview of Fashion Writer Janvi , Here it goes .

Hello Janvi , could you brief about your journey towards Fashion writing from student to this stage ?

Ans: Somehow dressing up came to me naturally and that just wasn't enough for me. I went from stealing my dad's xl tees to picking up the perfect outfit for my body type and occasion. And I just knew I wanted to do much more. Towards the end of my second year in degree college, I applied to this magazine - Youth Incorporated for an internship and when I was called for the interview they asked me what I wanted to do marketing or editorial and something inside of me begged me to pick editorial and that was it! That was how I started writing. The editor, Ayush Aliawadi, mentored me. He pushed me to do better and he inspired me. At the age of 24/25 he was a lawyer, Radio Jockey with All India Radio and he was also the editor of the magazine. I wanted to do a lot more just like him! And eventually I was writing my own fashion column in a magazine, The Teenager Today, for a year by the time I graduated. And then came the journey to becoming an influencer and a stylist. My boyfriend was very supportive and he saw that I had a good number of followers on Instagram and he pushed me to do better. He worked on my profile and pushed me to do the same and create better content.

Do you believe in Spirituality ? Have you ever encountered with this one , how do you see the world through this ?

Ans: I do believe in Spirituality but I don't believe in idol worship. We don't need to go to a designated place of worship to be spiritual. Spirituality is more about connecting with our soul and the universe. It's about keeping your aura positive and sending positive vibes into the universe because you get what you give. Very recently I had a great encounter with this. I started practicing Buddhism a few months ago because I wasn't alright. Everything in my life is perfect yet I wasn't feeling so well mentally. I was not at peace so, I started practicing Buddhism to find mental peace and inner happiness. I had linked my happiness to my goals and the materialistic things in the world and that is the one thing that will never make you happy. It's in our nature to be greedy. We start with one goal but when we achieve it we just get a momentary happiness and then it's the next goal. Our goals keep changing and we always want more. Happiness isn't about goals, it's about all those little things in our life, it's about the journey not the destination. Buddhism helped me stabilize and find more mental happiness.

How do you find this domain different and inspiring to keep you energetic and active ?

Ans: How do you not? When you do something you love you'll always be proactive.

What are your current interesting assignments you are working with ? ( You can skip If any assignments you do not wish to share )

Ans: Currently, I'm just working on my Instagram handle and being a better influencer. I'm working on providing my followers with better more fashionable content. Let's the what more comes my way! I'm opening up to the opportunities.

How do you find time for yourself from busy schedule ? Do you meet your old friends ?

Ans: You know how they say if you want meet someone it's not too difficult to take some time out and at the end it's all about priorities. I don't always manage to meet everyone other than some people from my close circle of friends. They understand me. Every little chance they get they come and crash at my place! And everytime I get a chance I run off to meet them!

Did you come across struggling time during this journey ?  What are the symptoms of those / How did you overcome those ?

Ans: Being a content writer was not really a struggle, somehow it came naturally and I haven't really had a writers block yet. But right now I'm a little unhappy with the work I'm doing. I feel like I'm not doing enough and I can do better. I'm working on it though. As an influencer yes, everyday is a struggle because people don't value our work. They think it's a cakewalk. They think we get everything for free and life is fun! But it's not we work really really hard for everything, for our followers and for the brand and nothing comes for free!

Could you give any idea for readers for opportunities in this domain ? Any tagline or punchline to keep them motivated .

Ans: Just hang in there. Keep working. I believe in smart work. So, work smarter and be stubborn, don't give up till you achieve your dreams but don't make link your happiness to your goal. Enjoy the journey too.

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