Tuesday 10 February 2015

Great Victory well done Delhites

The first time in indian histoy , I can see just 2-3 year old party defeated all the national parties with clear majority with no opposition. Yes , you are right , I am talking about Aam aadmi party. Kejriwal led Aam aadmi party has done very well in Delhi , the motto of this party seems to be very nice, Swaraj , clean and transparent funding which is in public domain. Even I do feel the same for system , private companies can hide their funding details because they are companies they are created to make the profits. Political parties should not function as the private companies , they should disclose their donations as and when they take , make it available to the public , they should come under RTI as well. The other one is swaraj and mohalla sabha , from childhood I has a question in my mind , I usually used to ask this to senior people around me , that is why these people don't take my opinion after voting , no one had the answer at that time. Me , I no no everyone should be involved in the decision making process of my area . Yes now your question is , "I don't have time for that" , dude , You can tell your decision to your family members , grandma , mom , dad they will convey the decision of your family in the mohall sabhas. So next question is which kind of decision can be taken in mohalla sabhas , I feel basic need is roads , infrastructure , to whom we should give the contracts of the road or any infrastructual facility that needs to built in your area . Yes , you know which company is good and better in providing quality service and within time. They why I should not vote for it. Okay , okay okies ,,,,getting back to the subject , I would like to congratulate the entire Team AAP and Delhites for the decisions they have taken , and the great Victory of the AAP. I feel going forward so much pressure would be there on AAP side as well(Now they are in the testing phase.... :)

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