Tuesday 24 February 2015

Skip the caffeine/Tea/Coffee

Yeah ,  I am not an advisor when it comes to healthcare domain , But If you want to reduce/remove Tea/Coffee consumption in your daily routine then this article is definitely for you.

Tea/Coffee/Cafeine creates the problem of dependency , that means you can't feel fresh until and unless you drink tea , some people can't perform natural stomach emptying process at the morning:)) without drinking tea , they need some extra force so that they can resume their natural process.

You should stop drinking it , reduce it gradually and then come back to zero. Drinking sometimes on some occasional event is not an issue.There is also no use of drinking Green Tea as an alternative for the regular tea , the simple equation is If it creates the dependency it is wrong , Green Tea also starts creating the dependency.

Initially you will feel depressed or some mood swing may also happen but they will last for not more than 2 weeks.As your body is getting out of bad habit , it will react to it.

Think again , If you can't do your work without drinking tea ,  then it is addiction. You should be able to perform well in your daily regular tasks without taking such addictive drinks.

There is also a history behind Tea , Tea was introduced in India by British(I am not against whatever British has done is wrong nor this is patriotic article) , we never used to welcome people by giving them Tea/Coffee , If possible read the history of tea on wikipedia.

Go through this link as well : WikiHow , there are steps provided to leave the habit of drinking tea.

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