Tuesday 5 July 2016

Helical Insight - The Real Made In India IT/BI Product

Travel DashBoard using Helical Insight

In the previous blog post we have covered how helicaltech grown itself in BI domain. Helicaltech has launched their own product after doing an extensive research and work on helical insight product , It was complete 2 years of the work for the product which has been launched.

Make In India is a need , Research In India is must. In this case both are covered.

This is the BI (Business Intelligence) tool which can be used across the domains and customizations for your needs is also very easy.

Summary of the product launch from Press Release : Helical IT Solutions Pvt Ltd announces launch of much anticipated ‘Helical Insight’ (www.helicalinsight.com), World’s First ever open source Business Intelligence Framework that is set to revolutionize the way businesses visualize, analyze and use data as a valuable and strategic resource. Helical Insight not only provides out-of-the-mill features such as email scheduling, multi-tenant environment, variety in visualization, etc. but it also empowers end users to add functionalities on the go using their in-house resources.

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Make In India is a need , Research In India is must. In this case both are covered.

I have taken the interview Of Mr. Nitin Sahu for this product launch.

How does this framework differs from other frameworks ?
Having worked in BI domain for quite a long time, we have seen that in many cases end business users requirements were not met. This was either because of tool level limitation or technology limitation. Also with today’s breakneck speed at which technology is changing, it is ideally important that the existing tools should be able to evolve themselves, or risk becoming extinct.
This prompted us to develop a BI software which is API driven, which allows clients developers to add functionalities without relying on the vendor as such. Things like adding a new chart, adding a new exporting type, adding a new security layer etc can be done by merely using the existing APIs and adding functionality on top of it. Functionalities can be added at the backend using Java and at the frontend using HTML.

What are the current features of this product ?
Helical Insight : An Open source Business Intelligence tool comes with an array of features which not only makes it very exciting but also unique from other offerings in the market.
(1)   Instant BI : Helical Insight is world’s first Open source BI tool to come with inbuilt machine learning. Instant BI empowers business users to type in question and get immediate answers, thus without any technical knowledge we empower anyone to become a data analyst.

(2)   Inbuilt Workflow : Helical Insight comes with an inbuilt workflow allowing users to implement their own business processes using Helical Workflow. We are proud to inform that absolutely no other Business Intelligence tool offers such kind of capabilities.

(3)   API Driven Architecture : Being a completely API driven architecture, Helical Insight allows clients to add functionalities (which are not directly possible) by merely using the API and adding functionality on top of it.

(4)   User Role Management : Helical Insight provides extensive data security with user and role management. There are 4 layers of security which includes Organization level, Role level, Profile level and User level. Organization level security makes the entire architecture multi-tenant.

(5)   Mobile Device Compatibility : Helical Insight is built on bootstrap framework, thus the solution can be accessed from any device like mobile, tablet, laptop, desktop or TV. The entire solution is screen size responsive.

(6)   ADhoc BI : A drag drop interface allows user to connect to database and start creating reports and dashboards by merely dragging and dropping columns and adding filters. The report thus created can be visualized in any format like charts, tabular report and cross tabular report.

(7)   Caching : A server level caching ensures that even if multiple users are using the solution the performance is extremely good.

(8)   Exporting : Any report, dashboard or data can be exported in various formats like CSV, pdf, image etc.

(9)   Email scheduling : Reports and dashboards can be sent via email scheduled to users in any of the formats like pdf, image etc.

What will be the future release plans of the product ?
We plan to come up with a patch every week whereas a major release on an yearly basis.

What will be the features that you think you will be adding ?
Our current version Helical Insight 1.0 is already having many exciting features which makes it standout against any of the existing BI tool of the market. Helical Insight comes with Instant BI powered by machine learning and NLP, we do plan to invest heavily in enhancing this algorithm. Our other unique feature is an inbuilt workflow for which we plan to come up with an UI. We also have many other future features planned out like charting recommendation engine, UI for charts customization etc to name a few.

How do you think BI is going to increase the Job opportunities in India ?
With worldwide market of $16.5 Billion, BI and Data Analytics is one of the fastest growing sector. Focusing on BI in form of services as well as products IT companies can create a lot of jobs in India. We are already seeing many IT behemoths realizing this and establishing their own centre of excellence in BI space.

Do you feel we should support Make In India by creating such products within India ?
Absolutely we should. Make in India should not only be limited to manufacturing sector but also other sectors like IT as well. Talking about IT India has primarily been a services market and we should really encourage startups and companies who are making cutting edge software products.

Are you also looking for the resellers ?
Yes, we are looking for resellers. It is very important for a product company to have resellers in different geographical markets with local geography knowledge and connections. We have already finalized our reseller partner in Africa and Brazil and we are aggressively looking for more resellers in other geographies.

Read More for the complete Press Release

Helical IT Solutions launches World’s Open Source First BI Framework: ‘Helical Insight’
  • Helical Insight is world’s first ever open source Business Intelligence frame work which will revolutionize the IT industry not only in India but also internationally
  • The company has spent 2 years in the research and development of this product and has became the first company to launch this innovative product
  • Helical IT solutions is expecting 200 % increase in their business through Helical Insight
All India, Tuesday 14th June 2016: Helical IT Solutions Pvt Ltd announces launch of much anticipated ‘Helical Insight’ (www.helicalinsight.com), World’s First ever open source Business Intelligence Framework that is set to revolutionize the way businesses visualize, analyze and use data as a valuable and strategic resource. Helical Insight not only provides out-of-the-mill features such as email scheduling, multi-tenant environment, variety in visualization, etc. but it also empowers end users to add functionalities on the go using their in-house resources.
The use of data is fast becoming the basis of growth and competition for individual firms, and we have created the world’s first open source BI Framework that is a powerful tool and an economical solution for companies to leverage data-driven strategies to leapfrog others to become best in class. Helical Insight, being a developer friendly framework, allows customers to add functionalities at will wherever required without depending on the vendor” said Nikhilesh Tiwari, Founder, Helical IT Solutions. “Helical Insight not only has all the features expected out of any BI tool, but it also comes with many first features like an inbuilt workflow, a completely API driven architecture and Instant BI which is powered by machine learning and artificial intelligence which sets it different from competition
Helical Insight – Functionality best delivered
Presently, BI vendors follow a closed-garden approach and offer certain out-of-the-box features such as caching, database connections, charting, exporting etc. However, if business needs transcend general requirements, we are at cross-roads and the user is forced to look for alternative solutions outside of the BI tool. Helical IT Solutions raises the bar for BI tools and the BI industry with Helical Insight.
Being API-driven and with in-built workflow, Helical Insight empowers end clients to add functionality like never before. The functionality could be at the front end (like adding a new chart type or exporting type or datasource type) or at the back end (like integrating machine learning or altogether creating a new business process flow),” said Nitin Sahu, Founder, Helical IT Solutions. “Helical Insight is a tool that is poised to redefine the BI market as we see it today.
What set Helical Insight different? – Quick facts Revealed
Helical Insight goes where no other BI tool has been before. It is a completely browser-based tool and encompasses some unique and stellar features to provide companies the edge with handling data for analysis. A few are listed below:
  • API-Driven – With Helical Insight, you could add any functionality in-house through integrating APIs to solve custom business needs, as and when required. This translates to an efficient system that helps rein-in costs, adopt to changing technology and also increases productivity and nullifies vendor dependencies.
  • Workflow – Helical Insight is the first ever BI tool offering an integrated workflow which allows you to implement any functionality to fulfill your custom business requirements. Call different functional modules based on different condition and time, also you could create your own functional modules too using your own developers.
  • Instant BI – Helical insight is first open source tool to come with inbuilt machine learning and Artificial Intelligence algorithm, which can help people to ask question from data and get instant business answers with a google like interface.
Please visit to know about the tool in more detail: http://www.helicalinsight.com/
Helical Insight has been battle-tested and is available now. Write to us today for a demo!
About Helical IT Solutions

Helical IT Solutions is an IT company with expertise on DW & BI technologies. Since 2012 the company has been providing services on open source BI and ETL Tools and has expertise in providing simple, practical & affordable solutions which are suitable for business users, right from CEO, CXO, line managers & to every end user of the enterprise. Helical offers services on entire BI stack, ranging from ETL, DW, Data mining, Analytics, BI solution. They also provide integration of disparate data sources and offers powerful interactive tools like balanced scorecards, personalized dashboards, key performance indicators, automated alerts, graphical mining, cross tab reporting and more! At present Helical impressive clients list include CA Technologies, Technip, Tata Communications, Unified Social Media, Vortecy Energy Consulting, Sage Human Capital – HR Business Intelligence, Predikto, hCentive- HealthCare insurance and many more. 

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