Saturday 18 March 2017

You and outside you

The world is simple , the inner you is real you. Efforts we make in finding ourselves in the living , the case is vice-versa.

Exploration lives deeply within ourselves , you get what you did. Exploring many regions , many countries would not solve our purpose of real happiness. Happiness is just normal form of living in real world , the bliss is the correct word for real happiness , where the happiness is unlimited and flowing continuously without any disruption.

Life is really a bliss , the one who created you , he lives in you , but you are not him. You cannot be him , he is the only one. We all share the same satva and tattva , though there are differences(that we consider not him) , countries and regions does not matter there, which is a real bliss.

Exploration of yourself is the real goal of the life.

Questions arise , what is real entrepreneurship? Why to achieve it ? How we see entrepreneurship ?

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