Tuesday 21 April 2015

Interview with Monica Murthy

Monica Murthy

From today I am beginning the new era in ideasforideas by taking textual interviews of the people who are the influential in the particular industry , that can be any industry.

This time I have selected the sector "Media" , Yes , I would like to introduce Monica Murthy.  Actress/Anchor/Singer/Blogger who has given her time for ideasforideas.

Me : Can you brief about the journey towards Anchoring/Actress/Modelling domain from student to this stage?
Monica : I am an MBA graduate in Media and Communication from Whistling Woods International (Mumbai). I grew up in Nasik. After schooling, my education had a complex fusion of Science, Commerce and Arts.

In spite of scoring well, I quit engineering to pursue my creative interests in Media and Anchoring. I am a trained singer with 5 years of degree in Hindustani Classical music. My overall interest has been in the lesser know career fields like anchoring, hosting, modelling and acting.

I always anchored events in my small town for shows like media seminars, corporate launches, Government events etc. I was placed in Doordarshan TV as a marketing Executive through campus placement. I was managing the hosting events in parallel with my MBA degree as well as my day job. My bol-bachan career gave me immense confidence.

This is when I voluntarily started exploring opportunities in DD News Channel (it’s always good to begin with one’s comfort zone). I was selected after a screen test. After getting registered as an anchor with Doordarshan, many of my shows have been telecast.

Thereby i started anchoring for following brands:





CINEMA 100 WHistling Woods

Channel V


Then acted in PKDH for 5 months, Acted as one of the leads of the three stories in my upcoming film 'Bollywood Diaries' and as a Pakistani Journalist in "WELCOME TO KARACHI" to be released on MAY 21.

Monica Murthy

Me : Do you believe in spirituality ?
Monica : If yes then how does it help in real day to day life ?
Yes i do believe in God and Spirituality. I am a follower of Hinduism at the same time i believe in all religion. It helps me to calm down when i am disturbed and helps me gather hope in times of worries

Me : How do you find this domain as a different than others , which things keeps you inspiring ?
Monica : This domain is art and the word art itself proves its unique and has its own representation. It keeps me inspiring because i love to keep exploring different facets of art and media. It shows a new face n land of opportunities to me everyday

Me : What are the current assignments you are dealing with ?
Monica : I would be flying to Dubai for my next Event and it being my first international event i am excited. Besides this i am excited for the release of my tow upcoming films 'WELCOME TO KARACHI' & ''BOLLYWOOD DIARIES'

Me : How do you find the time for yourself from busy schedule ? Do you meet your old friends ?
Monica : YES !!! I do find time for myself i also sing so i spend days when i am free doing my music Riyaaz and taking care of my fitness. I love to catch up with old friends its refreshing and i love socializing with near and dear ones

Me : Did you come across a struggling time while in this journey ? What are the symptoms of those ;) ? and How to overcome those.
Monica : Yes offcourse Struggling is an essential part of your journey in media. There was a time when i was still working with Doordarshan and i gave auditions for serials as and when i got time and when i got PKDH it was rewarding. It does take time to get worthy work here but one shouldn't be choosy initially. Whenever i got upset in those times i ventured into my other strengths and again started Anchoring and doing VOICE OVER WORK.

Me : How do you describe your challenging role in "Pyar ka dard hai meetha meetha" ?
Monica : It was my best experience till date, Rajshri made me feel so comfortable and it was a great learning over all. I pretty much connected well with the character 'Rukhsar' as she was bubbly and a urdu speaking girl. 

Me : Can you give a small idea for ideasforideas.org readers about opportunities in this domain ? 
Monica : I would like you all to know that the key to success in any field is 'to believe in yourself and the hard work you put in'. Do not be very choosy in picking opportunities initially at the start of your career as i had mentioned earlier but be cautious at the same time. Plan well and execute well. Always keep your feet well grounded whichever heights you reach. Cheers !!!

Thanks Monica for your valuable inputs.

Team ideasforideas.


  1. Hi Monica Mam...It was very interesting reading your interview.I am planning to pursue career in Anchoring.I had confusion regarding career...requires your opinion on this...Perception is Anchoring is not long term career option...it is similar to actress or airhostess where you get to host only when you are young ...it is very difficult to accelerate as you grow old say after 28..media always looks fresh faces ...Please tell your opinion on this and also suggest some good colleges to pursue anchoring skills.. Thanks

  2. Hi Payal ,

    Thanks for your reply.You can get in touch with her , with her official twitter handle.