Monday 13 April 2015

Is india Startup ready ?

I have recently seen the news on the media that SEBI may consider easing the listing norms for the startups in the country. That's a great news. You can read the entire news here.

Apart from that we should be also aware of the risks in which startup companies we should be investing , that is what an idea , the idea to invest in which company. It is your decision which should not fail. I have also read that there is a lock in period for retail investors as well. As the success is concerned for the startups , I feel the startup which deals with the raw materials or with lesser virtual existence sustains and has a longer life as compared to the startups which only has the virtual existence on the internet. Successful startups may not give you the gain in 3-4 years , you should keep the patience and believe in the idea(So only I have named this blog as ideas for ideas).

One should learn the art of ideas for generating the successful ideas.I am looking for statistical data about startups culture , in India this might be new but in US there are many startups , one should look for how many startups are there started in a year and how many of them are actually successful , the geography of US and India is very different , the kind of startups in US which are successful , same should not be the case with Indian Startups.

Before easing the norms for listing the startup companies , I think we should have incubation center which will help India to create good , qualified entrepreneur's the quality I am looking for the leaders can't be taught in coaching classes nor it is possible to give the training in the schools for creating the great leaders.This incubation center should teach them about patience , keeping your mind free from anxiety , healthy employee relationships etc.

Other angle to this would be taking care of your health as well, Oh I am taking you to complete different direction. :). This culture is very much attentive and requires lot of efforts to success , it may start getting deep into your personal life , the choice is yours about how to balance it well.

I will update this post once I get the statistics about US startups and there success ratio in the past.

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